Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PromoteGo.org now has Go club listings in 17 countries!

As of this morning, PromoteGo.org has Go club listings in 17 countries! Many thanks to all of you who have entered information about Go clubs you know. While you can manage your club's information directly on the site, I've also built importers for the American Go Association club listing, which has not yet moved to PromoteGo.org, and the British Go Association club listing. Next I'll be working on an hCard importer that will allow us to import listings from anywhere as long as the Go club listing is marked up with the hCard microformat. PromoteGo.org is gaining momentum, but I still need your help! I need dedicated developers, designers, and testers, and I also need advocates to reach out to the Go community and encourage them to embrace the site, link to the site, and use tools like the search widget to help people find clubs in their area.